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We feature two paving crews, each with a full line of Leeboy® equipment.

A-1 Asphalt, Inc. has one of the most comprehensive paving programs in West Michigan. We are equipped to do most any jobs ranging from residential driveways to commercial parking lots and private roadways. A wide range of bituminous materials is available to make sure that cosmetic as well as durability requirements can be met. We feature two paving crews, each with a full line of Leeboy® equipment. A 10-ton dresser® roller ensures that compaction requirements can always be met on large jobs. We also offer a full range of preparatory services, including grading, half-lane milling, transition milling, and removal.

Sub-Base Recommendations:  The key for a beautiful, long-lasting job is the sub-base. Asphalt is only as good as the sub-base. It is recommended that driveways should have 12" of compacted sand followed by 6" of compacted aggregate. Compaction is absolutely key; the recommendations for commercial jobs is typically a density reading of 95% or better for compaction of sub-base.

Asphalt Recommendations:  For maximum durability, we recommend that an average of 3" of asphalt be installed in two lifts. These lifts should be an average of 1.5 inches each. The first lift is the leveling course and should use a suitable bituminous product. The second lift is the wearing course and can typically be a smoother bituminous product with a leveling course to allow for an attractive finish. Compaction requirements are typically the same as for sub-base, being a 95% or better density reading. Ask your estimator for recommendations on the proper bituminous products for your project.

Resurfacing:  Resurfacing of your asphalt is intended to be a cost-effective option for restoring bituminous asphalt to like-new conditions. This is cheaper because it in effect recycles the leveling course of the asphalt. The surface is thoroughly cleaned, and a bond coat is applied before paving. While price and ease of execution make this option attractive, there are potential problems. If your asphalt has severe cracks, existing water problems, or has settled, these problems will often reappear in the new asphalt within several years. Reflective cracking or the reappearance of preexisting cracks can sometimes show up in as little as a year. The edges of a resurface job can be milled down to allow for smooth transitions and to help protect the edge of the asphalt.

Remove and Replace:  The best alternative for a long-term quality asphalt job is to remove any existing material, regrade and compact the sub-base, and repave. The idea here is that any weak points will be removed. These weak points can include cracks that might otherwise reflect through, as well as inadequate or saturated areas of sub-base. This option also offers flexibility to make changes to the grade, as well as the potential for installing drainage systems required. This option will typically be more expensive and complicated, but the overall project will be of substantially higher quality.

A Wirgen 2000 rotomill is the center of our asphalt removal program. It features a 6'7" wide drum for fast and efficient removal. We are also equipped with a Caterpillar® Backhoe, several Bobcat® machines, jackhammers, and an assortment of attachments, including small mills and an assortment of brooms. With this equipment, we can handle any removal project efficiently.

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There are several options to consider with milling. The first is perimeter milling, which is designed to allow for smooth transitions. It also provides a solid butt joint to eliminate the possibility of traffic or snow plows damaging the edge of the new asphalt. This is used for resurfacing applications.

The second option is removal of the wearing course. This would be a viable alternative if your asphalt's surface is cracked, has water pockets, or settled areas. It will remove surface damage as well as allow for some mild reshaping of the project. A new wearing course can then be installed. The durability of this type of project depends heavily on the condition of the underlying sub-base and the leveling course of asphalt.

The third alternative is full depth milling. This means that all existing bituminous is removed. This is the best option for long-term durability as it allows all problem areas to be addressed. There is no chance of reflective cracking, and the sub-base can be evaluated for potential problem areas.

With a rotomill, there are several options not available with regular removal methods. The millings can be pulverized and mixed with the existing sub-base to help stabilize a weak or damaged sub-base. They can also be milled up and left in place to help raise sunken areas. These options can be incorporated with the grading process to provide cost-effective options to improve a site. The leveling and wearing courses are then installed.

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There are several categories of patching. Each has its place in asphalt repair, along with its own pros and cons.

A-1 Asphalt, Inc. is a leader in West Michigan patching. We feature two patching crews, each with a truck specially designed to heat and deliver asphalt in a controlled manner. Capabilities include pothole patching, roadway patching, and small asphalt paving jobs. These crews are outfitted with tamps, rollers, and saws to ensure that the patch job is of the highest quality possible. The highlight of this program is a dedication to quick service. The majority of our patching jobs can be scheduled within several days, with same-day emergency services available.

There are several categories of patching. Each has its place in asphalt repair, along with its own pros and cons. The first alternative is skin patching. This consists of plugging holes and overlaying them. The area must first be cleaned and a bonding coat applied. This is the most cost-effective way to repair a problem area. It will last one to three years depending on traffic, the weather, the extent of the repair, and snowplowing.

Another alternative is to use an infared. This heat-based technology consists of heating the wearing course until the material becomes workable. The damaged bituminous can then be mixed with fresh material to ensure that the area does not dry out, which would result in a scabby patch with a greatly diminished life. This method is generally more expensive than skin patching but cheaper than removing and replacing damaged areas. Life expectancy would be roughly two to five years depending on conditions, water flow, etc. This technology eliminates the danger of a snowplow by not leaving exposed edges.

Perhaps the best alternative for patching would be to cut, remove, and replace damaged areas. This is the most expensive option, but it also provides the highest quality. Cutting ensures that the patch will be square and that the edges of new and old material will adjoin consistently and evenly to eliminate snowplow damage. Removing all of the existing asphalt ensures that all new material is installed and that the potential for damage in an infared situation is eliminated.

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We feature two sealing crews, both outfitted with trucks fully equipped with spray wands and spray bars.

A-1 Asphalt, Inc. has a comprehensive sealcoating program. We do residential driveways, private roadways, and developments, as well as commercial parking lots. We feature two sealing crews, both outfitted with trucks fully equipped with spray wands and spray bars.

There are two main features of this product. First, the sealer restores the wearing course. The oils in the sealer penetrate the existing asphalt, replacing the original petroleum lost through oxidation. We also mix our sealer with silica sand, so the sand will help fill in small voids where stones have come loose, and also fill in small spots where the wearing course has started to deteriorate. Deterioration is a natural part of the life cycle of bituminous asphalt; the sun's ultraviolet rays oxidize the asphalt, causing the binder course to loose its resiliency. This results in the formation of cracks and potholes.

The second main feature of sealer is cosmetic. The deep black color is restored to the asphalt, making the product look new again. Sealer can be expected to last between one and three years depending on traffic conditions, shading, and the number of coats applied.

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Crack Filling

A-1 Asphalt, Inc. has a comprehensive crack filling program. We feature a specially equipped tool truck and a Cimline rubber machine to deliver emulsified rubber. We specialize in filling concrete expansion joints, municipal and private roadways, parking lots, and residential driveways. While not the most aesthetically pleasing, the crackfill is both important and very functional.

Crack filling, along with sealcoating, is part of a good preventative maintenance program. Emulsified rubber is applied to the cracked asphalt. The rubber fills the crack and expands as it cools to seal the crack, as well as help bond both broken edges together. It is absolutely imperative that the crack is cleared of all vegetation, dirt, oil, and moisture. A quality crackfilling job can be expected to last for one to four years depending mainly on traffic flow.

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Drain Repair

We offer expertise in drain repair. It is a little bit hard to give good facts about this topic because there are so many variables involved. If we can help with this topic, please call and one of our project managers will assist you.


A-1 Asphalt, Inc. has a comprehensive striping program. We offer professional layout services, as well as expertise on ADA requirements. Latex and oil-based paints are available, as are different colors. Please contact us and we will ensure that you receive the highest-quality service available.

Winter Program

A-1 Asphalt, Inc. was the first company in West Michigan to offer hot permanent asphalt mix in the winter. The foundation of this program is our asphalt recycling machine, which works with our specially designed patching trucks to enable us to deliver hot asphalt to any job site at any time of the year. The driving force of this program is to provide service to utility companies and contractors during the winter months. This service eliminates the old practice of placing temporary cold-patch in a hole until spring, when the job could be completed properly. This allows for happier customers and lower costs. Please contact us to discuss your patching needs.

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